Safe & Effective Medical Weight Loss in Irvine

Are you looking for the best weight loss solution in Irvine? Are you tired of non-effective weight loss techniques and gimmicks that don’t help at all? Zen Care Weight Loss offers a completely safe, physician monitored, effective and easy weight loss plan that is geared to not only make you look great, but feel healthy and alive again. Plus with the introduction of our brand new Contour Light Body Sculpting technology, we’re not able to trim fat in specific areas while you wait. Contact Zen Care in Irvine today and ask for your FREE weight loss consultation to learn more about our various options, then take the first step towards a leaner and healthier you.

Who We Are

At Zen Care Weight Loss our philosophy on weight loss is quite simple. Completely avoid fad diets, surgery or other non-effective weight loss techniques that show little to no results, and instead, concentrate on real customized solutions that produce both short-term and long-term results for our patients. We are comprised of physicians and weight loss consultants who are passionate about each patient’s health and well-being, and want to not only see you lose weight, but keep it off for life.

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Medical Weight Loss

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off? You’ve come to the right place. Our weight loss programs offer a 90% success rate, with initial results showing up in only a few short days. We are among the safest, healthiest and most effective weight loss programs anywhere, and can help you attain your weight loss goals. We take pride in coaching you on eating habits, lifestyle and nutrition, making sure what you experience is much more than a quick fix, but a happy and healthy lifestyle change.

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FREE Initial Visit

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for someone to contact you to schedule your free weight loss consultation.

Zen Care Weight Loss: Safe Solutions, Great Results.

As one of Irvine’s most respected and advanced wellness centers, Zen Care has been providing patients with the most effective medical weight loss solutions to help patients live a better life.